Book Dive Specials Fiji to Explore the Coral Barriers for Aqua Life

Fiji is among the top holiday destinations in the world and it is a group of more than 300 islands. This island country is popular for its rugged landscapes, clear lagoons with coral reef and palm lined beaches. People flock to the island country for vacations from all over the world and are especially interested in exploring the coral reefs and sighting of fantastic marine life that comes in kaleidoscopic colors. There are many diving resorts established in the islands that offer dive specials Fiji and if you are a sea lover and like to see more variety of aqua life then this is your destination that you should not miss for anything. However it is important that you book hotel accommodation in the most appropriate location so you don’t have to run around to find them at the last moment.

There are several reasons and attraction for which you should be visiting Fiji Islands and some of them are:

Ideal family vacation

Fiji is the right location for enjoying holidays with family members. While you parents can relax in the beach kids can get in to their scuba diving gear and learn how to dive deep. Diving activities are abundant here and you could also take a family cruise to have a look at the Fiji coast and islands.

Kids clubs

It is ideal holiday spots for kids, as Fijians love kids and the island has some of the top kids clubs in the world. The facilities and staff are incredible and the experience will last for a life time. if your kids are not up to trekking around Fiji landmarks you can always leave them in the kids clubs.

Explore Namena Marine Reserve

Fiji Island’s warm climate is the ideal platform for water sports and activities and they can be motorized or non-motorized activities and both adults and kids can enjoy them. There are the jet skis, stand-up paddle boards and diving gear that you can find everywhere in Fiji.  It is easy to get prtepared for the sea diving adventure as you have to just get on to a Jet Ski or picking up some flippers.  The Namena Marine Reserve in Fiji is a huge attraction and it is the largest no-take reserve in the island country. A horseshoe shaped coral reef barrier encompasses an area of square kilometers and it is in the island of Namenalala, adrift of Vanua Levu, Kubulau District. In incredible number of 1,000 fish species are found in the coral waters. The coral shelter also offer asylum to migratory marine life like Dolphins Spinner, Bottlenose,  False Killer, Sperm And Minke Whales And Pilot. If you are in season you will be lucky to spot them and Diving In Marine Reservesis a memorable experience and you will know only when you dive in to the waters of the coral barrier.  The wonderment of Marine Reserve is not just restricted to underwater but also over ground such as Namenalala Island where you will find 600 pairs of red-footed boobies that are protected bird species, and the island also serves as the nesting ground for the endangered Hawksbill sea turtle.