Book a Fiji special to Explore great coral reefs at the Namena Marine Reserve

Diving is an exhilarating experience whether it is in the sky or in to the water. Here we talk about diving in coral reef hot spots that house a variety of marine life that is colorful, different in shape and size and habits. If you are a dive enthusiast and want to experience the ultimate you should opt for dive specials Fiji, as the Islands is known as the Mecca of diving and your dive experience in this life is incomplete without a visit during winter. Fiji islands are naturally endowed with the geography, topography, oceanography, temperature and backdrop to give you the best experience. Among the many diving sites in Fiji Islands the Marine Reserves in Namena steals the spot with its 70 square kilometer span. It is shaped like a horse show and the barrier reef is located in the small island named Namenalala which is south of Vanua Levu.

The biggest reef reserve in the world

It is a marine paradise teeming with colorful aqua life and the high biodiversity reefs house incredible variety of corals and invertebrates and a tremendous 1000 -strong fish species. The Reserve is also on the path of migratory seasons and play host to Spinner and bottlenose dolphins, Pilot, Sperm, False killer and Minke whales. This Reserve draws maximum attention from divers from all over the world and Diving in Marine Reserves was started way back in 1997 and it is the largest in Fiji and a no take reserve to boot with. The reserve’s specality does not stop under the water but also travel to the ground where you will find red footed boobies with 600 pairs strength and the Hawksbill sea turtle which is in the critically endangered list. It is a huge nesting ground where both underwater and on the ground species build their nest.

Another aspect you should know about the Marine Reserves is the local community that form the Kubulau District and traditionally acquired the rights to fish in the waters Namena Lagoon. Fishing ws banned for some time when it was feared that unauthorized fishing gear was damaging the reefs. It was a temporary ban and later opened up fishing after the introduction of Namena Reserve Dive Tag in 2004. It was an alternative measure which also helped the locals to raise funds for student’s scholarships and charity work. You can buy a Namena Reserve Dive Tag, which is voluntary, and dive in to the waters and the money generated from the tags also go to the maintenance of the coral reefs around here.

Understand coral reef system before diving

Fiji has the largest coral reef system which is spread over an area of 3, 869 square miles which is really big and it houses 4 great barrier reefs and one major coral reef system. The Namena Island scores major reefs like insider barrier, outside barrier and fringing reef. The last one is very close the sea shore and a barrier reef is the one that runs parallel to the shore but a lagoon separates it from the land. Acquiring information and knowledge of the coral reef and the reef systems will come handy when you visit here but it is always wiser to book your diving special with a diving operator so you don’t need to run from one operator to another at the last moment.