Freediving Package

Learn Freediving! Fantastic 3 Night Offers


Freediving is now one of the fastest growing water sports in some parts of the world. In an age of gadget overload, people are drawn back to simplicity. It is empowering to discover your body’s ability to dive for longer and deeper than you ever thought possible. It’s like acquiring a super power, becoming Aquaman or a real life Mermaid.

In Fiji, breath hold diving for food gathering has of course an ancient tradition and virtually every young or not so young man living in a village near the sea has some freediving experience.

However, freediving as a sport is virtually unknown here in Fiji and modern freediving training with emphasis on safety is in its infancy.

Today’s main deep diving discipline is called constant weigh or CWT, with or without fins. This means the diver swims down and up wearing the same amount of weight or no weight. Today’s recreational freediving is not so much about the numbers, depth and time, but more about relaxation, introspection and water confidence.

Beginner courses and discover experiences can be conducted right outside Daku Resort. We only need 12 meters of water depth which can be found not far from our floating platform. In the summer when we get Westerlies we might choose to go to alternative locations by boat (around the lighthouse). All transfers are included in the price.


Basic intro:
Discover Freediving
TWIN/DBL: US$424 per person
Upgrade to get the full AIDA 1 Qualification:
AIDA 1 Freediving Course
TWIN/DBL: US$524 per peson

3 nights’ accommodation in a Standard Air condition room
Discover Freediving half day course
AIDA 1 full day course
All equipment: mask, fins, snorkle, full length wet suit, weight belt and lanyard
Certification fees
Breakfast included
Trip to waterfall
Half hour massage

Offer valid till March 31st 2020.

Freediving Fiji
Freediving Fiji
Freediving Fiji