Travelling to Fiji

This page has detailed information on travelling to Fiji. If you need advice, please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.

You’ll find us on Fiji’s northern island of Vanua Levu, an easy 55 minute flight from Nadi.

To get to Daku Resort, you fly into Nadi, Fiji’s international airport on the main island of Viti Levu, and then take a domestic flight to either Savusavu or Labasa airport.

Domestic Flights

You can fly from Nadi to either:

Savusavu – the flight takes 55 minutes and affords some spectacular views. We have a courtesy pickup from Savusavu airport and Daku Resort is a 10-minute drive over the hill.

Labasa – this is a 45-minute flight. Labasa airport is situated on the north side of Vanua Levu and is a very scenic 80-minute drive to Daku Resort. This is a larger airport so there is usually more availability with flights, and prices are often less than those to Savusavu. A taxi to the resort costs FJ$110 (approx AU$65). Guests who have used Labasa airport say it is a good
opportunity to see more of the island than they otherwise would.

You can check flights at www.fijiairways.com.

Baggage allowance on domestic flights is 15kg checked baggage and 7kg in the hold. (Unless the domestic flight is booked with the international flight and the checked luggage allowance is then 23kg on both flights). The charge for excess luggage is approximately F$7/kg.

Booking Flights

You can book your flights online (this is usually the cheapest option). If you are booking flights online, you can book them directly on the airlines website (shown below). Alternatively you can book through a travel agent.

We are affiliated with a travel agent in Sydney called Flightbiz who can quote and book your flights for you. Flightbiz can be contacted via email: mail@flightbiz.com or call (02) 9953 8000.

Overnight Stays in Nadi

Where flight times make it necessary to spend a night in Nadi, there are a number of hotels next to the airport.

Fiji Gateway Hotel
Trans International Hotel (book via online booking sites)

International Travel

If you choose to fly Fiji Airways on the international leg, you are best off booking all the way through, eg. Sydney – Savusavu (or Labasa).  This gives you the full luggage allowance of 23kg on both the international and domestic flights, whereas it is normally 15kg on the domestic flights. The charge for excess luggage is approximately F$7/kg.

It is possible to book one airline out and a different one for the return if that suits you better for time and / or price.

International Travel from Australia

Fiji Airways, Qantas (who code share with Fiji Airways), Virgin Australia and Jetstar all fly to Nadi.
We have shown details of flights from Sydney and can advise on flights from other cities if requested.


Fiji Airways has two flights from Sydney. One leaves at 6.30am to Nadi and then has a connection with the afternoon flight to Savusavu. Alternatively, if this is too early, there is a second flight which leaves Sydney around lunchtime; you will then need to spend a night in Nadi and you can take a flight on to Savusavu or Labasa the next day.

Qantas have the same itinerary as Fiji Airways as far as Nadi as a code-share flight with Fiji Airways (ie they share the same plane) so flight times are the same as above. If you book with Qantas you will need to book the domestic flight to Savusavu separately.

Virgin Australia leaves Sydney approx. 8.10am (depending on time of year) and arrives in Nadi at 2.10 pm in the summer, 3.10pm in the winter. You will then need to spend a night in Nadi and fly on to Savusavu or Labasa the next day.


Fiji Airways: On the return there is both a morning flight at approx 9.00am and an afternoon / evening flight (times vary according to day). If you book the afternoon / evening flight, you can fly out of Savusavu or Labasa the same morning to make the connection and do the journey in a single day. If you book the morning flight, you will need to spend a night in Nadi.

You may also choose to book your return with Virgin or Jetstar as they leave in the afternoon and you can therefore make the connection in a single day.

International Travel from the US

If you are coming from the US you will be flying out of LAX. Fiji Airways flies from LAX regularly 4 times a week departing at 2230 /2330 (times change according to time of year: please double check schedules before your flight as Fiji airways will not warn you of schedule changes due to
daylight saving). It is a 10 hr. 25 min. flight.

It crosses the International Date Line so you arrive at 5.10am two days later, ie. if you depart LA on a Tuesday night you will arrive in Nadi on Thursday morning. On the return you leave Nadi at 2230 and arrive back in LA at approx 1320 on the same day, so you get your ‘lost’ day back.

International Travel from other cities

If you are coming from another part of the world and are arranging your own flights to Fiji, we are happy to advise on the best flight options.

Airline Websites

Flight times and prices can be checked on the individual carrier’s website:
Fiji Airways